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Quest Chest "Treasure Island"


escape box Treasure Island

Portable Escape Room "Treasure Island"

Quest Chest is a small case that moves you into the completely new world within few minutes. Our chest is full of puzzles and allows players to get cool emotions, solve logic problems and mysteries with unique riddles.

Portable Escape Room "Treasure Island" is a unique and completely new board game format. It consists of a single story line: a set of tasks, puzzles, props, and the legend for the players to work on.

Quest Chest allows everyone to organize a real adventure for friends, family, children, guests anywhere - outdoor, at a corporate party, in a country cottage, etc.

The Quest Chest "Treasure Island" contains everything you need to start your adventure as soon as you open it.


My great grandpa was a sailor, but there were rumors that he was a pirate. I had a lot of free time lately (like most of us during shut down) and I decided to clean the attic of our family house. I found that chest among other junk. It looks so old and I assume that rumors about my grandpa were true.
I tried to open it for few month but, unfortunately, puzzles are too hard to be solved. Would you help me to solve it? Maybe you can find more info about my poor granny or maybe you can find hidden treasure in it.

Quest Chest Treasure Island


Are you looking for the best team building? But can't find a perfect attraction during Pandemic?
Then Quest Chest is for you!!!

Perfect for groups of 1-4 people age above 8



Treasure Island Quest Box contains of up to 20 puzzles both mechanical and electrical, it has sound and light effects, story related puzzles and auto hints.

Also there is a small box which can be used as a hidden space for a present (3 1/2''x4''x3/4'')



  • Players per team 1-4
  • Game duration 45-90 minutes
  • Resetting time 2-5 minutes
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • Number of puzzles 20
  • Electronic puzzles YES
  • Sound effects YES
  • Light effects YES
  • Auto hints YES
  • Indication of the progress YES
  • Weight 20 lbs
  • Dimensions 20”х8”х13”


About us

We are the team of escape room creators and enthusiasts who know how important it is to entertain and challenge your brain!

We love create and solve puzzles. Over past three years we've built 21 Escape Rooms in Ukraine, Europe and North America.

For a long time we have thought about creating a portable escape room so everyone around the world could play it. So now we are so excited to present our Quest Chest "Treasure Island".

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